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Take a wide grip so that your arms form a v-shape. The pressure should be coming down at an angle since the upper traps themselves are at an angle. Press the bar up overhead so that it’s directly over your midfoot. It helps to look down so that you give your traps room to fully contract. 

Girls Gone Strong

Another thing that’s worth remembering is that as you lose weight and get leaner, the number of calories you expend through daily movement and exercise decrease. These devices don’t take these changes into account. So as you lose weight, you’re actually burning fewer calories than the device is reporting.

Eat, Lift, and Be Happy

Ok, so picture one of your major muscles, pecs, biceps, quads whatever.  The muscle has several components.  At either end is the tendon which attaches the muscle to the bone.  Tendons are just dense connective tissues although their density changes from the one end to the muscle end getting less dense as you move away from the bone and towards the muscle. 

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While these devices can be great tools, they can also cause problems and backfire. One of these problems has become more pronounced over the last few years as fitness apps and devices have begun allowing cross-integration. The problem I’m referring to is Net Calories.

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What happens during the holidays? Travel. Changes in sleep patterns. Increased alcohol consumption. Changes in nutrition. Basically, recovery and routines get turned upside down. What gets called a “holiday” or “vacation” is rarely relaxing.